Objective 3: Empower a planning team with resources to go beyond the traditional

  • Stamford Privee, is a wealth planning company that goes beyond the traditional scope of services in providing integrated advisory, planning & wealth management services to families with substantial assets.
  • By uniting a team of experienced planners & equipping them with the state-of-art technology, Stamford Privee can effectively & efficiently address a comprehensive array of issues stemming from the needs of the family & its individual members.
  • Not only are financial, legal, philanthropic, and relational needs addressed, but also the emotional, spiritual and social issues surrounding families of wealth.
  • This intense client orientation is in the tradition of the old line European private banks that attended to all aspects of managing a family's wealth, we believe we have and will continue to make a successful Asian model.
  • Thus, investment management services, estate planning & trusts, tax services & the like were all furnished through a centralized resource.
  • Along the same lines, Stamford Privee provided a central resource of coordinated & highly specialized personal services for families with extremely complex financial needs.