Objective 2: Help wealthy families preserve wealth

Entrepreneurs who have sold a business, individuals who have inherited substantial wealth, or senior executive who have substantially benefited from their investments & stocks options often ask,

“What can be so hard about managing wealth?”

As wealth accumulates, so does the number of advisors…attorneys, accounts, investment managers, insurance professionals, trust officers, private bankers…to the point where they lack coordinated expertise on your behalf.

The capabilities that enable an individual to accumulate wealth may not be the same capabilities that are required to select, manage & evaluate advisors who have diverse skills related to income tax, wealth transfer, business succession, retirement, risk management & investment planning. Moreover, without a coordinated team of advisors, studies show that families often lose much of their wealth by the second or third generation.

Consequently, the family office has become one of the most effective means for American and European’s wealthiest families to centralize & optimize the management of their financial affairs. We take that expertise and take time to fit in to our Asian Family contexts.